Debi Zentner Mortgage Update

Good afternoon: What a great week-end. I love hot weather. Last week several important reports were released, including housing and inflation. We have more housing news this week, along with Consumer Sentiment, Gross Domestic Product, and Durable Goods. The evidence continues to show that the housing market is making a comeback. Read on for details [...] Read more »

Top 10 Remodeling Projects

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Don’t Wait to Buy

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2012 Year End Alameda

Alameda County 2011 2012 % Change Number of Sales 10,648 11,431 7% Average Price ($000) $468 $505 8% Average DOM 53 39 -26% Months of Inventory 0.2 0.0 -100% Alameda City 2011 2012 % Change Number of Sales 339 376 11% Average Price ($000) $568 $579 2% Average DOM 58 43 -26% Months of Inventory [...] Read more »

Debi Zentner Mortgage Update

Debi Zentner of Diversified Mortgage Group, a division of CMG Mortgage Inc. talks with her Realtors and friends about today’s mortgage market. Program date January 25th, 2013. Equal Housing Lender Read more »

Owning a Home is Still the American Dream

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Plan your passwords and protect yourself!

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Protect your Love Ones

Some Home Improvement Projects Can be Cheaper in Summer Summer is traditionally the time when home improvement projects get done, but did you know that summer renovations can be cheaper, too? Read Visit for more articles like this. Copyright 2011 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Read more »

Are TV Commericals Influencing YOUR Food Choices?

A recent study looked at the food commercials watched during prime-time and Saturday morning TV… over 600 of them. The nutritional value of these advertised foods was compared with the established nutrition guidelines. Researchers found that if you ate a 2000 calorie diet that consisted entirely of these advertised foods, you’d get… 25 times the [...] Read more »

Buying a Short Sale

6 Tips for Buying a Home in a Short Sale By preparing for a real estate short sale, you can emerge with a great home at a favorable price. Read Visit for more articles like this. Copyright 2011 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Read more »